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Re Re: A New Republican Coalition


John, given the (reasonable) way you define the terms, I can certainly agree with you that Giuliani is not best described as “a social liberal”—in the sense of a man defined most fundamentally by an “anything-goes-liberalism” view of the world. Far from it. But I also agree with you that he does “hold socially liberal views” which means he does support a number of the most prominent practical expressions of anything-goes-liberalism, and so disagrees with most conservatives about a series of issues that most conservatives consider very important, and that are relevant to the work of the President. He is, as I wrote, “very liberal on social issues” and “by far the most socially liberal” of the three leading Republican candidates. 

That’s not a sin, but I do think it’s a fact, and I also think many Republican voters are not yet aware of that, and will be very surprised by his views on abortion and other issues. What difference it will make, given Giuliani’s other appealing qualities and a host of other factors (like the fact that we’re in the midst of a long war for the future of the West), remains to be seen in the very very long race before us. But my hunch, given that the other candidates have the right instincts on the war as well, is that it will make a pretty big difference. 


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