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Remembering Cathy


Cathy Seipp was laid to rest this morning under a brilliant southern California sky.  She was eulogized by family and friends in words that ran from the eloquent to the eloquently profane.  For those who knew her, this was exactly as it should have been.

What was striking about the service was the uncommon array of people it brought together.  She was an uncompromising conservative, but she had close friends at all points along the political spectrum, and indeed it was through our mutual friendship with Cathy that many of us came to know and respect people with whom we otherwise had little in common.  Where else would you have found writers from National Review standing alongside those from the Los Angeles Times, in whose current travails Cathy would have found endless amusement.  She was the very hub of a wheel with countless spokes, and I fear that with her passing some of those bonds of friendship may be lost along with her.  She will be greatly missed.


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