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The (Racial) Glass Is Always (At Least) Half Empty at the NY Times


An above-the-fold, front-page headline in the New York Times today reads, “50 Years Later, Little Rock Can’t Escape Race,” and the opening sentence says “the school district here is still riven by racial conflict.” Of course, if you read the article, you learn that a federal judge has declared the school district fully desegregated.  And, yes, there is now a black superintendent. And, okay, yes, “white parents pack school board meetings to support” him. But, you see, the superintendent is cutting the number of school system bureaucrats (i.e., “office and other non-teaching jobs”), and this makes many African-Americans there unhappy, since they “see the district as an important source of employment and middle-class stability.” So, really, you can see how little progress African Americans have made in the past 50 years.


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