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Dr. Death in the NYT


The New York Times featured an admiring welcome back to Dr. Jack Kevorkian in today’s edition.

    Jack Kevorkian, the former pathologist once known as Doctor Death, says he will never again counsel a terminally ill person on how to die. But eight years behind bars and a strict list of promises to gain parole have done nothing to mellow the blunt, passionate, combative advocate for physician-assisted suicide.

    Ah yes “blunt” and “passionate.” Never words that would be associated with say, Rick Santorum, who worked to protect lives.

    The Times asked Kevorkian whether he would “turn away a gravely ill person seeking his guidance now.” So it’s “guidance” to hook a person up to a death machine with lethal drugs?

    The question of ending life is a difficult one. But it is emphatically not illuminated by the likes of Kevorkian. He is a twisted man who presided over the deaths of at least 130 people, some of whom he had known only 24 hours before agreeing to help end their lives. One of his “patients” Rebecca Badger, who was 39, apparently told Dr. Death that she wished to die because she had multiple sclerosis (a non-fatal condition). But it gets worse. When the coroner performed an autopsy on her body he found no disease. “I can show you every slice from her brain and spinal cord,” he told the Washington Post, “and she doesn’t have a bit of MS. She looked robust, fairly healthy. Everything else is in order, except she’s dead.”

    Six other Kevorkian victims cited MS as their reason for suicide. He accepted this. One victim had been beaten by her husband within just a few days of her appointment with Kevorkian.

    He is a monster and the whitewash he gets from the press is a disgrace.


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