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For Ramesh, a Query Re Rudy


Just finished the NRODT article in which Ramesh argues—very tightly, as is Ramesh’s wont—that Rudy’s stand on abortion is so bad in so many ways that it ought comprehensively to disqualify Rudy for the Republican nomination. And yet, and yet…Rudy has now published his “Twelve Commitments to the American People,” Point Eight of which reads as follows:

I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.

Query for Ramesh: Does this affect your thinking? And a second query: Would it affect your thinking if early on Rudy persuasively hinted–or came right out and stated–that he would name as his running mate a throughgoing pro-lifer? (Michael Medved’s recommendation: Bobby Jindal, whose rise in American politics I personally would walk over broken glass to advance.)

O Keeper of Principle and Logic, what think?


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