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Block that Mosque?


The smarter and safer way to promote Muslim integration in Europe is to weaken the social structures that prevent assimilation. Reduce German cousin-marriage, for example, and turn away from multiculturalism. Trying to prevent the building of a mosque is probably not the way to go. Apparently, there are respectable arguments against granting a building permit for a very large mosque in Cologne, Germany. (I haven’t seen them, and I reserve my right to change my mind when I do.) Still, an anti-mosque protest strikes me as a less-than-ideal way to promote integration.

In any case, that’s what’s happening in Cologne, where protestors on the right are trying to prevent the construction of what would be Germany’s largest mosque. Unfortunately, Germany seems to be caught between mad multiculturalist judges on the left, and angry protesters on the right. The relative absence of a responsible integrationist middle has set the scene for what could be terrible battles to come.