Now for the Hard Part

by John O'Sullivan

Cornerites have been generous in praising the role of talk radio and bloggers in defeating the immigration bill. Rightly so–some, notably Mickey Kaus, have been positively heroic. Also the handful of Senators who organized and fought the bill consistently from Day One–Jeff Sessions springs to mind–deserve our gratitude and congratulations.

But among those being slapped heartily on the back should be numbered Kathryn, Rich, NRO and NRODT. I can say this because my own contribution to this particular victory has been very modest–one NR article and one column–but I have been cheering on from the sidelines of other obligations. (I’m writing this from Portugal, for instance.) NR’s combination of making the right case firmly and persuasively while allowing both sides to thrash out disputes impartially has been terrific. Now for the hard part: having defeated the amnesty nonsense, NRO and NRODT will have to campaign for right and sensible policies on the entire “National Question.” If we do, I have a feeling that we will have support from some (not all) who were opponents until this morning.


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