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Re: People Who Need People


In the post on which Mark Steyn comments below, Derb asserts that “China is, by any sensible criterion, overpopulated.” May I most respectfully request elucidation?

According to this handy list, the population densities of some five dozen nations are higher than that of China, and quite a lot of those nations are really quite attractive places. Consider, for example, the most densely-populated nation on earth, Monaco, and the twelfth most densely-populated nation—technically, I confess for the sake of Mr. Steyn, a dependency of the British crown—the Channel Islands. As best I can work it out, even if you subtracted from the Chinese land mass both the desert interior and the mountainous south—heck, even if you subtracted all of Tibet—you’d still end up with a population density lower than that of such fetching entities as Gibraltar, Malta, and Bermuda.

What, then, Derb, is the “sensible criterion” by which China is “overpopulated?” Do you mean that China is overpopulated at its current standard of living? If so, wouldn’t it be more to the point to assert that China suffers from poverty, not overpopulation?

Just askin’.


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