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Changing Germany


There have been some very welcome signs lately that Europe may be waking up to the problem of failed Muslim assimilation. As I noted last Friday, Germany has passed important legislation aimed at cutting back on transnational marriages among cousins and other relatives–a practice that has built up unintegrated parallel Muslim societies in Europe. Here’s another interesting article on fallout from the new law, and here’s another. This article summarizing German reactions to a Muslim boycott over the new immigration law strikes me as showing a real attitudinal shift in Germany. This proposal by a German writer to read Rushdie’s Satanic Verses in a controversial new Mosque in Cologne is also interesting. It may not be my idea of how to encourage Muslim integration, but the fact that it’s being proposed and getting publicity is certainly interesting. In general, the fact that the German media is filled with discussion of these issues is a hopeful sign of change.