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The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (Hey, That’s Not a Bad Title for a Book)


Remember the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, that loomed large in Hillary’s mind as a fabricator of obviously untrue rumors about her husband and an intern? As we have long known, Hillary’s most heartfelt complaints about the other side all arise about behavior of which she, personally, is guilty. The politics of destruction — who is more adept than the Clintons at that? (Ask the Obama campaign for an update.) The Bush administration’s ethical breaches? Any such pale in comparison to the Clintons’. The Scooter Libby commutation as a sign of lack of respect for the law? What about Bill’s 140 midnight pardons. And on…

Last week, Frontpage ran a fascinating expose of the connections between Hillary and the lead left wing media monitoring organization — Media Matters. It was Media Matters, you recall, that brought down Don Imus this past April, after a kid who was assigned to monitor his broadcasts heard the unfortunate “nappy headed ho’s” comment at dawn, and thought it might be useful.

Most people who followed that brouhaha credited the rabble-rousing Reverend, Al Sharpton, with escalating the tensions to the point that NBC had little recourse but to capitulate and fire Imus, in our race sensitive environment. But, according to John Perazzo, that would be wrong. Perazzo makes, and documents, a credible case that none other than Herself was the force behind Imus’s downfall. Why did she care about Imus in particular, considering that there are talk show hosts far to the right of him on all day?

Perazzo writes:

To truly understand Media Matters’ motives, we must look at the organization’s special relationship with Hillary Clinton, who has deeply despised Don Imus for more than a decade. Hillary’s contempt for the broadcaster dates back to March 21, 1996 [sic], when Imus made a number of insulting, disparaging remarks about Mrs. Clinton and her husband, who was then U.S. President, at the Radio and TV Correspondents Association dinner in Washington, DC. 

More recently, Imus had been particularly critical of Mrs. Clinton and her presidential candidacy. According to Media Matters, the broadcaster had “repeatedly and unapologetically” referred to the Senator as “Satan,” Bill Clinton’s “fat ugly wife,” a “buck-toothed witch,” “the personification of evil,” and an individual who was “worse than” Osama bin Laden. Not surprisingly, Imus steadfastly refused to invite Mrs. Clinton to be a guest on his program. (It is noteworthy that in the wake of the “nappy-headed ho’s” incident, Mrs. Clinton disingenuously portrayed the fact that she had never appeared on Imus’ show as the result of a unilateral, righteous choice she had personally made: “I’ve never wanted to go on his show and I certainly don’t ever intend to go on his show, and I felt that way before his latest outrageous, hateful, hurtful comments,” said Clinton.)
So far, then, we know for certain that Hillary Clinton loathes Don Imus, and that Media Matters was actively engaged in trying to topple the broadcaster’s career, as evidenced by the assignment of Mr. Chiachiere to monitor every minute of Imus’s program. But how do we know there is a connection between Hillary’s antipathy for Imus and the deadly blow that Media Matters dealt to his radio program?

We know because Media Matters’ links to Hillary are at once intimate and multitudinous, and the organization’s devotion to her is nothing short of profound. In 1996 (eight years before Media Matters’ creation), the then-conservative David Brock was commissioned (with a $1 million advance) by the Simon & Schuster subsidiary Free Press to write a hard-hitting expose of Hillary. But the book, completed in 1997, turned out to be nothing more than a tepid, distinctly sympathetic account of the former First Lady’s life. That same year (1997), Brock publicly announced his political epiphany, unequivocally recanting his previous negative writings about the Clintons and embracing the liberal/Left cause. During this period, Brock developed a close relationship with Neel Lattimore, Senator Clinton’s openly gay press secretary and close confidante. Brock would eventually hire Lattimore as a director of “special projects” for Media Matters.

The article goes on to document, closely, the help that Hillary gave Brock in starting the organization — including access to her donor list. George Soros, among other big names, has been very helpful. It is worth noting that Media Matters has targeted many other well known broadcasters who are both critical of Hillary and adept at exposing her political agenda. And, since October 2004, it has been the lead Democratic advocacy group in the fight to reestablish the “Fairness Doctrine.”

UPDATE: This has been changed since posting.


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