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Planned Parenthood Subsidy


Here’s yesterday’s vote on Mike Pence’s (R., Ind.) amendment to cut off government subsidies to Planned Parenthood. For pro-lifers, this gives you a clear idea of where we stand in the House.
A few notes on who voted how:

1) Tom Davis (R., Va.) and Tom Reynolds (R., N.Y.), two former NRCC chairmen, voted to preserve government funding for a group that vigorously worked to undo the Republican majority.
2) Chris Carney (D., Pa.) and Jason Altmire (D., Pa.) lied during their campaigns when they said they were pro-life.
3) How do Kay Granger’s (R., Tex.) constituents feel about her vote? Planned Parenthood’s subsidy is a large scam that lets a left-wing political organization and abortion provider live and thrive at the expense of the taxpayer. They received $305 million in government money last year. Is it too much to ask them to raise their own money?

If they lost their handout from the taxpayers, couldn’t their donors give them the money they are currently giving the Democratic party?


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