God Bless America

by Michael Potemra

A friend points out a delightful story from Colorado.

It seems the Telluride town council has voted . . . to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I will leave to others the harrumphing about how the Constitution doesn’t actually invest this power in the town council of Telluride, Colo. (duly noted), and focus instead on a weirdly uplifting aspect of the story. From the AP account: “Telluride Tourism Board executive Scott McQuade said the town was no stranger to controversy, and he didn’t see the matter becoming a major issue. McQuade said he understood that some people would not agree with the measure, but said people who don’t approve of Telluride the way it is might want to stay away so they don’t end up being disappointed.” So, dude, if you don’t like it here, um, maybe you should stay away? This guy McQuade has given us a laid-back updating of live-free-or-die localism, and I think the Founders would have approved the sentiment . . . .

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