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Shadi Hamid wants the United States to cozy up to the Muslim Brotherhood, and his plan is being promoted by the Progressive Policy Institute, a centrist Democratic think tank that would likely have a significant voice in a Clinton administration. I think the call by Hamid (and others) for American engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood is ill-advised, and I said as much at the conclusion of my two-part series, “Doc Jihad,” and “Doc Jihad, Part II.” Now Hamid has responded, except that I can’t see any real engagement with my argument in what Hamid has to say. There is only Hamid’s backhanded compliment that I think surprisingly well–for a conservative. Well, to meet the high intellectual bar set by his fellow brilliant liberals, I think Hamid needs to actually grapple with my critique of that Peter Bergen and Michael Lind article he likes so much–and with this critique of Bergen and Lind as well.


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