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Romney Didn’t, did he?


Did Mitt Romney really say that the U.S. should emulate Hezbollah in using medical clinics and other health care goodies as part of a diplomatic outreach in the Third World, as World Net Daily is reporting? Did he really cite Hezbollah’s welfare programs in South Lebanon as a model for U.S. aid to poor nations — what we should do to promote “freedom”? Tell me he did not.

Yes, Hezbollah provides some basic social welfare in areas it colonizes by force. So what? Hamas was even better at that — all those pediatrician/’terrorist leaders you know. But then it achieved real power and dropped the pretense. They immediately went back to a straight diet of internecine fighting, attempting to terrorize Israel, violently repressing any dissident Palestinians and teaching vulnerable children to hate enough to be willing to sacrifice their own lives. Nothing new here. So it is really horrifying to think that a man of Mr. Romney’s intelligence would make the a serious diplomatic mistake of citing a radical terrorist group as a model for U.S. policy. This is where being a techno-guy, without any real foreign policy experience, (or ear) begins to matter.

Mitt — if you said it — retract clearly and loudly.