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Surprise! Iran’s at War with Us


Another terrific piece by Steve Schippert over at Threats Watch. With all the tooing and froing about the latest leak, suggesting that the Bush administration intends to brand the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist entity, and then moving against its bank accounts, the central issue has dropped out of the discussion:

When a state’s military conducts regular attacks upon another, it is by definition an act of war. We may not like it. We may even try to redefine it. And we may ultimately decide that such provocation does not warrant an in-kind response. But it is what it is, regardless. We need not conflate the “non-state” or “sub-national” definition of a terrorist group in order to justify targeting – militarily or financially – any state or group that kills or seeks to kill our civilians or soldiers.

I don’t know what the administration is planning to do, although I’ve been told that the accounts in the NY Times and WaPo are both wrong (and they can’t both be right, since they disagree), but I do know that Iran has been at war with us for nearly thirty years, and we are only now groping towards some sort of serious policy. As Steve so neatly puts it, any policy must start with clarity, and in this case clarity demands recognition of Iran’s innumerable acts of war against us.


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