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Two, Three, Many Islamic Republics


Hey, the Iranian regime seems to have gotten something right; in one of the stories linked below in the Iran News Roundup, former president Khatami says “that failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam.” True, as far as it goes. But after the inevitable failure of Islamic movements to provide an adequate response to the challenge of modernity, what will Muslims embrace? The only thing left, at that point, will be the ever elusive “moderate Islam,” a new, modernity-compatible faith that retains the name of Islam but jettisons all the substance (kind of like mainline Protestantism).

But Muslims have to come to that conclusion on their own, by living under regimes that will exemplify that failure (like Iran). Our hearts-and-minds efforts, like the north poles of two magnets, can only repel Muslims from drawing the necessary, inescapable conclusion that Islam, as it has existed for 14 centuries, is a failure as an ideology and way of life in the modern world. Our long-term strategy, then, should be to create two, three, many Islamic republics, each one inevitably an example of Islam’s bankruptcy. It’s risky and will take many years (kind of like containment of communism), but it’s the only thing that’s going to work.