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From Rome


Well, it’s been over one hundred degrees the last couple of days in Rome, and while it’s easier to cope than it used to be in the days when we lived here with no air conditioning, it’s still tough. the sun is very strong, much stronger than in Washington, and it slows things down even more than usual in this period. When most Romans are on holiday, most restaurants are closed, and–the real news–there’s hardly any traffic. This in a city where traffic has been horrific for at least thirty years. The Counter Reformation architects who built most of what we see in the old center of town did not imagine such a thing as an SUV.

The whole day was made happier when I got this line–it’s from Chesterton–from one of my pen pals, which I pass along with admiration:

“It is rather ridiculous to ask a [missionary who is] just about to be boiled in a pot and eaten, at a purely religious feast, why he does not regard all religions as equally friendly and fraternal.”