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But is Craig a Hypocrite?


Okay it’s not as much fun as the jokes, but I just did a quick Nexis search for stories about Larry Craig and family values and came up with nada. All of the hyperventilating on the web and on talk radio stresses that he ran on family values. As far as I can tell, he didn’t. This doesn’t mean that he is a fine gentleman who should remain in the senate. His behavior was repellent. And as someone who thinks repellent private behavior (for example in the private nook off the Oval Office) is relevant to someone’s fitness for office, I have no trouble saying that Craig should resign in disgrace. But the rest of the folks out there, particularly the lefties, who disbelieve in sexual disgrace (except perhaps where children are involved) can exult in cases like Craig’s only because this supposedly makes him a hypocrite. But what if he’s not a hypocrite? Suppose, as my admittedly hasty search suggests, he’s been pretty quiet about family values?  Doesn’t that mean the Democrats should be defending him?


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