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Waltzing Matilda


While anything that damages John Howard at the polls is bad news, it’s impossible not to be slightly pleased by this piece of news (via the Daily Telegraph):

A boozy boys’ night out in a New York lap-dancing club has increased the opinion poll lead of Australia’s opposition leader, as he bids to unseat the prime minister, John Howard, a survey revealed. The Labour leader, Kevin Rudd, said he expected “a belting in the opinion polls” after the details of a drink-fuelled night out in 2003 came to light. However, a survey published yesterday by The Australian newspaper found that his personal approval rating had instead climbed two points since mid-August to 48 per cent, while Mr Howard’s had slipped two to 37 per cent.
If there’s one way to ensure that a society will go straight to hell it is for its voters to insist that their politicians have the personal lives of some of the more austere saints. Good for Australia.In reality, of course, Rudd’s move in the polls probably has little to do with this incident, but I can dream…