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Nanny State


That’s quite a story, Mark, particularly after ten years of Tony Blair so staunchly defending British liberties (or so I read over here). Meanwhile, here are some details of the latest cunning plan being considered by David Cameron, the, um, Conservative leader:

Millions of people could be offered NHS “health miles cards” under Tory plans to address Britain’s obesity crisis and other public health concerns. They would gain points by losing weight, giving up smoking, receiving immunisations or attending health screening programmes. They could then use such rewards to pay for gym memberships, buy fresh vegetables or get priority access to other public services…Patients who continued to live very unhealthy lifestyles could be denied some treatments on the NHS under the Conservative plans.
No word on whether all those unhealthy people who will, almost certainly, have spent a fortune on the taxes associated with their unhealthy lifestyles, can expect a refund.


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