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“That’s all McCain’s got left in his quiver..”


 …A FNC reporter said in the 7:00 hour that all McCain has left in his quiver is separating himself from the other candidates as being first and loudest against the early Iraq strategy.

I think that’s not right.  First, it seems like a weak angle of separation and distinction. It just does.  Second, a lot of us used to, and early on, defend that strategy–indeed most of us.  Third and most important: I don’t think too many of any of us want to be hit over the head again and again with how badly initial plans and strategies may have been or been planned.
Here’s what McCain does have in his quiver and I think could be deployed well.  McCain has a strong and long pro-life record, actually stronger and longer than any of the other candidates put together at the top tier and very competitively so at the second tier. (Remember Gary Bauer once endorsed him).  Why not give a speech, and run ads, on his pro-life record?  He could peel some votes and percentages from the lower tier and help re-endear himself, if re-endearing is to be done, with social conservatives.  Certainly I think this would be good strategy in Iowa and Michigan where the sentiment is strong, maybe less so New Hampshire.


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