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TO: Interested Parties

FROM:Todd Harris

Communications Director


RE: Thompson Already Dominating Campaign Narrative

Greetings from the 14th floor of the lovely Des Moines Marriott.  I am of course watching tonight’s Fox News debate and it is clear to me already that though Fred Thompson is not on stage, our opponents are already letting us dominate the narrative of this campaign. And the media has noticed this fact too:

“GOP hopefuls welcome Thompson to race” (AP Headline, 9/5/07)

“Thompson thus managed to upstage the eight men on the debate stage, even though they have been campaigning for months in pursuit of their party’s presidential nomination.” (Libby Quaid, AP, 9/5/07)

“[Thompson's GOP rivals] quietly acknowledge that Thompson will get a lot more benefit from appearing tonight on Jay Leno’s show than he would if he subjected himself to a debate.” (Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic, 9/5/07)

“Of course, the big Republican news tonight isn’t the debate but the official entry, at long last, of Fred Thompson, the actor-senator, in the race.”  (The Swamp, The Baltimore Sun, 9/5/07)

“Hence the enormous opportunity that Thompson has to introduce himself to many voters as his campaign kicks off. Among those who know him, Thompson is viewed favorably by 10 times as many Republicans as unfavorably, the best ratio on that key metric of any candidate.” (Peter Brown, Politico, 9/5/07)


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