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A few thoughts on ‘the speech’:

First, the beard. Robert Spencer finds that Muslims are permitted to dye their hair when going into battle, to confound the enemy into thinking they are young. He links that to the call for the infidels to convert, by now a staple in al Qaeda’s propaganda. It seems to be a tradition: Islam or the sword.

The beard looks odd to me. It seems curly or frizzy, for one thing, not at all like the stringy beard of yore. In fact “Osama” looks like a muppet, not like the real thing. Rush had a lot of fun today comparing the video to the time when the terrorists claimed to have captured an American soldier, and provided a photo, which turned out to be a G.I. Joe doll.

Second, while I can well believe that al Qaeda has no clue about America–they rely on the MSM, after all–how does one explain the apparent mixup of the Vietnam chronology? It reads as if the evil Rumsfeld started the war and then the noble Kennedy was elected to stop it, but then he caved to the forces of monopoly capitalism. Except that the evil Rumsfeld–the Nixon/Ford Rumsfeld–came AFTER the noble Kennedy who fell from grace to make some money for his impoverished family.

What’s up with that? Did some high school dropout write this?

An Italian friend writes: “What’s the difference between OSM and the New York Times editorial page?” Good question. Answer: the NYT knows how to spell “Perle.” OSM doesn’t. So maybe it was a very low I.Q. high school dropout.

Third, is it really Osama? As you know, I was reliably told something like two years ago that Osama had died. Nothing in this speech sounds at all like the “old” OBL. That man knew how to give a stemwinder, he used elegant language, his threats were blood-curdling, his calls to the faithful inspiring. This man talks like, well, a high school dropout. In fact it reads like an “Onion” spoof. And the sound is bizarre, at least on my IBM desktop. It sounds almost as if there was enough garble in it to make it difficult to match with voice prints of the “real” guy. I’m not convinced.

Although I’m greatly amused. On my blog I wrote that now we can understand why Rove resigned when he did. He penetrated al Qaeda and wrote the speech.


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