The Field So Far

by Richard Brookhiser

Now that Fred Thompson is officially in the race, it is appropriate to say that he is, on the face of it, by far the weakest potential president of the top tier Republicans.

Strongest is Giuliani who, alone of all the candidates in both parties, has done something. Two things–saved New York City; and led America for two days six years ago.

Mitt Romney has been governor of an important, largeish state; has run a business; and saved the Olympics at a dicey moment.

John McCain has spent his political career in the Senate, typically a graveyard of energy. And yet, as everyone acknowledges, he is a leader (even when he is leading in the wrong direction).

Fred Thompson came to the offices of National Review some years when he was still in the Senate. I liked him fine. He has done nothing, anywhere, ever. The Hubble Telescope could not find what he has done, because he has not done it.

It would be unwise to put such a man in the White House at this moment in history.

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