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A Belgian Divorce?


There’s a chance that Belgium, a pointless, artificially stitched-together country now controlled by the most corrupt political class in western Europe, may finally be facing its moment of truth. It’s not before time. More here, via The New York Sun:

Who needs Belgium? Not, apparently, the Belgians, who have had no government since elections on June 10, in which voters split on ethno-linguistic lines between French-speaking Walloons and Dutch-speaking Flemings. The Belgians do not seem to care that their state is falling apart before their eyes. Even in a Europe riven by secessionist movements, Belgium takes the prize for the most fissiparous country of them all. Last week the Economist magazine opined that ” Belgium has served its purpose.

The Economist is right. As the New York Sun notes:

Belgium is a microcosm of the E.U.: bureaucratic, undemocratic, corporatist. As the author Paul Belien argued in his book “A Throne in Brussels,” the “Belgianisation of Europe” is already far advanced. If the European Union is to be given back to its constituent peoples, Belgium might be a good place to start.
Indeed it would.  Go, Flanders, go.


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