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The Bad-Daddy Party


Kurt Andersen is onto something very interesting in New York magazine this week, if you overlook the standard-issue right-wing bashing and anti-Bush throat-clearing:

The Republicans are being rapidly rebranded as a party of men who exemplify the least attractive, most pathetic aspects of the gender—they are the stubborn, arrogant, lazy, incompetent (Iraq, Katrina), hypocritical, crude, nasty fathers, Homer Simpson crossed with Tony Soprano, the kind of men who snarl and posture as old-fashioned patresfamilias but don’t come through when and where it counts. The GOP is becoming the deadbeat-daddy party.
This gets at the image problem for the Republican Party better than anything else I’ve seen — and why an outlier event like Larry Craig’s arrest comes to seem emblematic of the GOP’s troubles rather than being about nothing more than Craig himself.


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