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More Inventions from MSM (ABC News)


This time it’s Alexis Debat, late of the Nixon Center, and a more or less regular contributor to a fine French publication, “Politique International.”  He came to my attention a couple of weeks ago, when he was widely quoted to the effect that the United States was preparing to bomb Iran.  Many publications, if I remember rightly including the London Sunday Times, swallowed it.

It’s hard to get things right, and we will all make mistakes from time to time.  But what worries me most is that the editors of most publications seem to have abdicated responsibility.   The New Republic editors seem to specialize in this practice, but it’s certainly not limited to them.  Once upon a time there were active editors and even fact-checkers.  One hardly runs into them any more…editors are basically recruiters and publicists, and fact-checkers have mostly disappeared.  

The information revolution has happened, and the information has won.  And bad information has the advantage over good information, because it can be shaped to fit the desires of the manufacturer on any given day…it’s a real problem. 


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