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Going Too Far


One of the key elements in David Cameron’s attempted transformation of the Conservative Party into something once again electable has been his attempt to rebrand it as ‘green’. Nauseating, of course, but not necessarily the stupidest of ideas. Some of the science may be questionable, and the preaching may be annoying, but greenery is still seen by a significant percentage of the British electorate as something of a ‘Good Thing’. That said, they don’t want it to be taken too far. And taking it too far is just what Cameron, or at least a study group he has commissioned (jointly headed by a politician best remembered for his misadventures with a beefburger, and a millionaire eco-Savanarola) has just gone and done.

Tory Diary has some commentary here. If you are a Conservative, read it and weep. If you are a potential Conservative, just look away. And, if you are Gordon Brown, you can, just for once, enjoy a good laugh.