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Schumer and Aron


Andy asks, why does it matter what Schumer and Aron say?  Then he mentions what Schumer once said about the judge being a conservative.  Of course, it’s a major feather in the judge’s cap that he was nominated by Ronald Reagan, which is why that has been mentioned here.  But that alone isn’t enough either.  So, too, was Anthony Kennedy, and he’s a disaster.

There’s no question that the judge’s work should be examined, and will be examined, and is being examined.  But it’s not only normal and legitimate but wise to look at who has said what about the judge in the past, obviously taking into consideration the motivations of the “who.”  But why limit our senses to only those names who support the judge?  If anyone knows why Schumer and Aron felt they could support the judge for the Supreme Court, I think it would actually help the judge’s case if they would provide it rather than dismiss it.

And, incidentally, for those who care, I haven’t said I oppose the judge’s possible nomination.