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The Israeli Raid(s)


There are now several stories about the Israeli action against northern Syria in September. They mostly rest on anonymous sources, about which one must inevitably have one’s doubts. However, there seem to have been at least two events in Syria, and so far as I know nobody has tried to draw what seems to me to be a plausible link.

The first event was an “accident” in which Syrians and Iranians were killed while working on “chemical warheads.” The second was an attack against a Syrian nuclear something-or-other to which North Korean components were delivered, apparently a few days earlier. We are told that President Bush demanded that Israel provide hard evidence of a nuclear program before giving a green light to the attack.

Could it be that the earlier “accident” was part of the Israeli action that collected the proof that convinced W. to give the green light? Israeli might have found a way to do two things at the same time: send commandos to sabotage the Iranian-Syrian WMD program and collect evidence while they were at it.

Just thinking out loud. The first event might have been a true accident. But if the two events are not linked, then there’s yet a third event: Israelis went into Syria and collected the evidence about the nuclear program.

Whatever happened, there are two points that should be factored into our thinking about the region. The first is that the Iranian/Syrian/North Korean axis is a serious one. We are dealing with an international alliance aimed at our destruction. And Venezuela is definitely a part of it; it seems Ahmadinejad is headed for Caracas after New York, (remember that there is now a regular flight that runs Tehran/Damascus/Caracas and back). And second, Israel has demonstrated that one can successfully move against WMD targets in Syria–complete with Russian air defense systems and Iranian Revolutionary Guards troops to “protect” them–both from the air and on the ground.

Maybe somebody should ask Ahmadinejad about these events during his cameo appearance at Columbia University…


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