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While Columbia University students and professors prepare to listen to Ahmadinejad, the mullahs are of course oppressing their own students, workers and intellectuals. This just in the from the Iranian Association of Political Prisoners:

First Court hearing of the 3 Amirkabir imprisoned Students

The first hearing of court to examine charges facing Ehsan Mansouri,
Majid Tavakoli, and Ahmad Ghassaban, the 3 AmirKabir university
students, was held on 22 September by the 6th branch of the
“revolutionary court”.

The session was not official and was held behind closed doors.

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah , the lawyer in charge of the case, told us after
the court read out the students charges, they began their defense.

Mr.Dadkhah said there was no time for him to take the defense for his
clients, and the defense procedure was postponed for a further seven
days when the next session would commence.

Prior to this, Judge Haddad, deputy prosecutor on security of courts
in Tehran had previously announced the students’ charges to be
insulting Islamic sacred values. The students in return had rejected
all charges against them including, publication of insulting articles
against “Islamic holy values”, through a letter from Evin prison.

In this letter they had revealed that they were subjected to pressure
and torture in 209 section of Evin prison, to confess to charges they
do not accept.

The three students, Ehsan Mansouri, Majid Tavakoli, and Ahmad
Ghassaban, have been held in 209 section of Evin prison for the past 4
and a half months.

Ahmad Gassaban, is the director of the student publication called
“Sahar” and the first student nominee to take part in elections of the
central committee of the AmirKabir student Association. He was
arrested on 3 May 2007 , as he had approached the courts to deliver
the students complaints of their University directorate, the Official
news paper Keyahn and also Raja news site.
The next day, the second nominated student for the student elections ,
Majid Tavakoli , had to reside in court along with his other fellow
students, Majid Sheikh pour and Pouyan Mahmoudian (directorates of
student publications “Rivar” and “Sarkhat”).

On 22 May, security forces attacked Ehsan Mansouris’ house, and while
creating fear and beating up Mr.Mansouris’ family members, fired
shots, arrested and confiscated his belongings.

ME AGAIN: And still not a word from this administration about the leaders of the workers’ association, or, for that matter, about these poor kids.


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