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U.N., Continued



Again, thank you for your taking this on, and with a model of good will over a disagreement that might actually be rather deep.  Let me reduce this to the nub, and not get in a back and forth on every fact or argument worthy of dispute: You believe our actions vis a vis the U.N. should be non-threatening and gracious and to the black letter of every treaty because that will help us “win U.N. support for efforts to contain Iran.”  I believe the U.N. has been feckless in winning anything from Iran and if Iran becomes more fierce, nuclear, or a worse regime, it will be because of too much solicitude of and from the U.N. and not the opposite.

Just one other thing on the history here, regarding Reagan’s letter you mention. I can’t get a copy just now but if memory serves there was no invitation to dialogue in the sense of a public meeting or negotiation, it was a response to a cold letter Brezhnev has written him, lamenting Brezhnev’s defensiveness on several issues.  If anyone has that letter differently, I’d love to see it.  As I say, I can’t access it here.