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Free Speech on College Campuses?


Who’s kidding whom? Ask David Horowitz, FIRE, and other people who have to deal with left-wing administrators, faculty, and students about free speech. While Columbia University opened its arms to a leading terrorist, over at Seton Hall in New Jersey, Tom DeLay and Sirius radio host Andrew Wilkow had been invited by the campus Republicans to speak on Wednesday. The University has now canceled the event apparently claiming that DeLay would cast a negative light on their precious school. This is disgraceful.

At Stanford University, the Hoover Institution has appointed Donald Rumsfeld to a short-term chair, and students, led by an ex-professor, are leading protests against it — even though Hoover is an independent entity on campus.

Ask Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, Jim Gilchrist, and numerous others about the reception they’ve received at some of these schools. Ask these schools about their tenure policies, and how they discriminate against conservative academics. Ask them about their free speech codes, which have the effect of crushing civil dissent.


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