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The betrayal of the Dutch by their political class continues. Dutch News has the details:

A majority of Labour MPs on Tuesday decided not to back calls for a second referendum on the European Union, making it almost certain that the approval of the new EU treaty will be left to parliament rather than the public at large.

This is what the same party had to say in its election platform back in ancient history (well, 2006, but you know how it is):
Europa is er voor de burgers. De uitslag van het referendum over de grondwet was glashelder. De PvdA zal niet accepteren dat er via een omweg toch aan gemorreld wordt. Voor een nieuw (grondwettelijk) verdrag is een nieuw referendum nodig. 

There are two possible translations of this. The first goes as follows:
Europe exists for the sake of the citizens. The result of the referendum on the Constitution was crystal clear. The PvdA will not accept that such result will be circumvented. A new (constitutional) treaty will require a new referendum.

And the second like this:
These words are meaningless. We in the PvdA do not believe a word of what we say. We just want you to.

If there is anything guaranteed to secure the rise of extremist parties within the EU it is the open contempt that is shown again and again to the continent’s voters by a political class blinded by greed, arrogance, and the delusion that is “Europe.”


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