The Mets: Rendezvous with Disaster

by Michael Potemra

Last night, I was at Shea Stadium playing the role of one of Job’s comforters to a team that has undergone one of the worst September collapses in history. There are, of course, consolations: 1) The Mets could still make it into the playoffs. 2) The lovable Cubs could win for the first time in a century. 3) My girlfriend’s team, the Red Sox, are still very much in contention. But, above all, 4) adversity has called forth from us Mets fans an impressive level of creativity. NR’s own Erica Stalnecker (a Phillies fan) received from a Mets fan this dead-on parody of our team’s theme song, “Meet the Mets”:

Beat the Mets, beat the Mets,
Last place teams defeat the Mets.
Hanging sliders, minor-league speed,
Guaranteed to waste a seven run lead.

Because the Met bullpen keeps fading away,
October baseball won’t be at Shea.

Every game is now in doubt.
Can anyone who’s on this staff,
Get three men out?

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