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Mark, Why Are The Troops Treated Worse Here?


I suspect at least part of the reason is bureaucratic doofuses at TSA.  The person from Port of Oakland who responded to Michelle Malkin alluded to TSA security requirements.  Of course it’s bogus, in the sense that soldiers are subjected to security procedures much more rigorous and intrusive than those TSA conducts.  But I can well imagine some one in TSA in Oakland saying “No way.  We didn’t check them, they can’t come in.”

This sort of thing, it turns out, has been going on for several years now, and the military has been trying to get it fixed below the line of sight.  I’ve been told of airports that used to be like Oakland, but now roll out a red carpet for military charters, so in some cases quiet diplomacy has succeeded.  But I do think it outrageous that senior people in Washington haven’t raised the roof and demanded proper treatment, whatever the motivation.  I don’t care about Oakland’s politics;  I am adamant that our soldiers are entitled to shave and brush their teeth in a proper terminal en route either to battle or to home.  And if it is political, all the worse.