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Great Trends in Television, 2007-2008 Season


Two new series on ABC, Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots, have many things in common. They’re about rich people — Dirty Sexy Money is about a Kennedy-like family, while the four protagonists of Big Shots are all CEOs of major corporations. They’re set in New York. They’re very glitzy. And both of them have plotlines in which a major male character ends up in an amorous clinch with a transvestite hooker.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course — I guess because Hollywood is down with the trannies. Indeed, being with a tranny may even be humanizing! That’s how it works out for Duncan of Big Shots. His rebellious teenage daughter actually meets her father’s tranny, brings said tranny to meet her father for a payoff — after which father and daughter actually have a sweet and friendly moment where they smile at each other and make it clear they just love each other very much even if their relationship is rocky.

The healing properties of a transvestite hooker. Brought to you by the American Broadcasting Company.


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