The Promise of Pace; Webb of Possibilities

by John O'Sullivan

I hope the movement to draft Peter Pace gathers pace (sorry!) and indeed Pace (even sorrier!). It would bring into the Senate an able soldier who would also be a strong advocate of the Iraq war. Democrat senators would find their defeatist platitudes running into the obstacle of his authority. He would permanently provide the kind of difficulty for them that Petraeus has temporarily been. Another consideration is that he would offset Jim Webb’s influence in Virginia on both the Iraq War and military affairs in general.

But that prompts another thought–doubtless one already thought of by other Cornerites. What are the chances that Hillary Clinton might select Webb as her running mate in the general election. For all sorts of reasons–he’s a southerner, he appeals to a white male vote that the Republicans have wooed but disappointed, etc., etc.–Webb would compensate for her weaknesses. He would also come close to meeting the criterion for a vice presidential candidate laid down a few years ago by Bill Schneider: “The ideal vice-presidential candidate for the Republicans is a woman, for the Democrats a General.”

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