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Muddy Walters


As the drug war drags on, wasting lives, liberties and taxpayer money, this interview with ‘Drug Czar’ Walters is revealing for what it says about the attitudes of the current (and, almost certainly, the next) administration to this topic. Admirers of the late Milton Friedman will note this, in particular, from the interviewer:

Then I got into Milton Friedman’s critique of the drug war, noting the evidence that the drug war — by making popular intoxicants illegal and only available via a highly lucrative black market — was responsible for lots of crimes beyond buying and selling, and that it had led to police corruption, among many other unintended consequences. I asked what [Walters] he would do to combat drugs if could start over from scratch. He said “the problem is not that we make drugs a crime; it is that drugs are catalysts to crime.” And he said what “the facts really say” is that Milton Friendman’s criticisms of the drug war were “untrue — demonstrably untrue.”

Oh really? Read the rest of the story, and then judge for yourself what the brain of someone hooked on the drug war must look like.

Hat-tip: Reason