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You’re right, J-Pod, Rudy worked for Ed Meese and yes, Meese is conservative, but the condition of conservatism wasn’t contagious in Rudy’s case in a number of ways.  As for Frank Rizzo and Rudy, the comparison was to your law-and-order platitude, nothing else.  As I think about it, Rizzo was pro-life, though. Hmmm. 

Incidentally, I think the case can be made for Rudy, but you’re not making it. And you certainly don’t make the case with the “senior-moment” nonsense. I would never say, for instance, that Rudy’s comb-over, which he wore for years, was a senior-like-moment. Now, maybe it was an interior decorating faux-pas, but that’s another matter.

Ok, I’m done for now, Gang.