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Norman Podhoretz appeared on Thursday evening at the Barnes & Noble at 82nd and Broadway to discuss World War IV. From a reader, an eyewitness account that will prove particularly enjoyable to everyone who lives on the Upper East Side.

Mr. P. gave a cogent presentation of his views about WW IV, Islamofascism and his high regard for G.W. Bush’s approach to the matter and the audience listened in respectful silence. Come the Q and A, things were different.

I don’t know if I’ll get the order of all these incidents correct, but: The first question dealt in part with the need for an investigation into the real story behind 9/11. This, at least, was hooted down but not before the young man quickly asked how it felt for N.P. to be “a suspect” in the matter. He continued to go on until finally shushed by security (or someone)….Soon after, someone asked about the deposing of the Shah back in the 50s. N.P. admitted the CIA was involved but said that he wasn’t interested at the moment in ancient history….

A man in the front row, taking off on N.P.’s comment that it might be necessary, in his view, to bomb Iran in order to keep them from attaining nuclear capability said why not go after Saudi Arabia, since they were the ones behind 9/11. He became so irate that a staff member had to go over to quieten him. As I remember, it was about then that things pretty much fell apart. A lady stood to say that she had over a hundred relatives in Iran: Why do you want to kill them?! Another woman called him a fascist and a murderer. Somewhere around this point, N.P. said that he had lived on the Upper West Side for over twenty years and was now being reminded why he moved away….


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