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Iran News Round Up


  • Qom Theological Seminary spokesman protests against alleged demonstrations of “immorality”, “programs showing boys and girls together”, “superstition” and “clerical persons in negative roles” during the month of Ramadan on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.
  • Friday Prayer Leader of Shiraz: “Prevailing in cultural warfare [in the face of the supposed Western cultural onslaught against the Islamic civilization] is more difficult than winning a military battle.”
  • Ayatollah Emami Kashani said in his sermon at the Tehran Friday Prayers: “The nuclear issue is just an excuse [for the West] to oppose our [Iran's] technological advancement.”
    • “The enemy fears Iran’s youth and its Islamic ideology.”
  • Supreme Leader: U.S. occupiers responsible for all Iraq’s ills.
  • EU will move away from additional sanctions.
  • Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Hosseini denied Australian accusations about Iranian engagement in Afghanistan, saying: “These accusations are baseless and illogical… Such accusations are hardly the medicine Afghanistan needs to recover.”
  • U.S. Air Force pilot and allegedly former CIA agent, Rick Francona, according to MEHR News Agency claims former Iraqi Minister of Defence (under Saddam Hussein), Sultan Hashim, was a CIA agent. According to Mehr’s report, Francona also “confesses” having bombed Iranian positions during Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).
  • Is Senegal becoming Africa’s Venezuela?
  • Hardliner Ahmad Mousavi, Ahmadinejad’s vice president for legal affairs, to be appointed ambassador to Syria.
  • Supreme Leader slams Condoleezza Rice’s Middle East peace conference.
  • Masoud Dehnamaki to re-launch the weekly magazine Sobh, an addition to the plethora of hardline Iranian magazines.
  • Photo of the Day: Eid prayers in Isfahan.


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