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Rich Got it Right


From a senior member of the United States Air Force who is based in Qatar–and just made his first trip to Iraq:

…[C[olumnist Rich Lowry had it right in a recent column when he called Iraq “the lonely war.”  His writing speaks for itself:
“A war has probably never been so debated and so little understood as the one in Iraq. ‘The domestic political debate has nothing to do with what we’re doing here,’ says one U.S. officer. It’s a representative comment – offered not in a spirit of bitterness, but of cold fact.  This is the lonely war. No one cares about it as much or understands it as well as the men and women here on the ground, who feel – understandably – that they’re the only ones even remotely engaged in the fight.”
I concur!  I’m better for the experience, thankful for what I saw and humbled by the opportunity to relate this to you all from the relative safety of Qatar while braver men & women than myself willingly remain in harm’s way for no other reason than that’s what their country has asked them to do.  They do so proudly and without any reservations.  They deserve our continued support.