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NY Times Invents a (Non) Event


The New York Times did a rehash of the story of the Israeli raid on Syria, quoting administration officials saying that the attack targeted a nuclear facility of some sort, and of course producing whispers of internal disagreements within the Bush Administration (a minor feat that can be performed at the drop of a hat on any decision taken about most anything).

In the course of recounting the event, the Times made a surprising statement: “Neither Iran nor any Arab government except for Syria has criticized the Israeli raid…North Korea did issue a protest.”

But this claim by David Sanger and Mark Mazzeti is false. Iran, along with North Korea, did criticize the raid, as reported in, among other publications, the Australian.

North Korea was the only country, besides Iran, to hasten to condemn the raid, even though Syria has not admitted to anything more than an Israeli violation of its air space and the dropping of “munitions”.

As I recall, one wag commenting on Free Republic remarked that the North Koreans and Iranians seemed to have outed themselves. But the Times apparently didn’t notice.


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