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Iran News Round Up


  • Iran seeks to inflame Afghanistan against U.S.
  • Former chairman of the Iranian Parliament in the face of growing millenarianism: “Any one who claims he is aware of the exact date of the return of the 12th Imam is liar.”
  • Rafsanjani: “Opposition to political party formations is a prelude to exclusion of the people.”
  • Iranian overview of Iran-Russia ties.
  • Putin’s visit to Iran defeats U.S.-Zionist plots.
  • Parliamentarian from Ardebil: “Putin has one hand in our pocket and another hand in the pocket of the West.” He continues: “Bushehr nuclear reactor is a ‘bread tree’ for the Russians. They will never end a project which transfers our innocent Dollars to Moscow.”
  • Putin proposes Caspian Sea-Black Sea canal.
  • Revisionism threatens the history of the revolution.” says Ayatollah Sane’i warning against ”excess” in the claring process up to the next parliamentary elections in Iran. 
  • Iran, China to build new dam in Luristan province.
  • Iranian economist: “Ahmadinejad has no economic program.”
  • China quits 5+1 talks on Iranian nukes over Dalai Lama.
  • Dan Serwer, from the United States Institute of Peace, discusses the Israel lobby with the Iranian press, detailing the places where Americans debate undue Jewish influence.
  • Photo of the Day: Putin arrives in Tehran.

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh and Omeed Jafaari for their assistance in compiling)


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