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A Throne in Brussels


Reports that Belgium is on the way to break-up continue. Confused about what this means? Your problem is easily solved. Read Paul Belien’s just reissued, A Throne in Brussels. When this book came out in 2005, Belien predicted that Belgium could break up within the next ten years. He’s now well on the way to being proven right.

Belgium may seem an obscure country, but this subject should be of real interest to American conservatives. Belgium is the host country for the EU project, and the bureaucrats in Brussels are terrified that the epicenter of European anti-nationalism may be about to break apart due to national differences. Also, free-market-oriented Flanders, where 60-percent of the population lives, generates 70-percent of the national wealth, effectively subsidizing socialist-leaning Wallonia. So the move to partition carries powerful economic lessons as well. If Belgium does break up, Brussels, the capital of Europe, could become an independent city-state. It would also be the first Western European state with a Muslim majority. What an extraordinary story.

A Throne in Brussels comes highly recommended. On the back cover, Roger Scruton says, “The warning contained in this book is simple: hold fast to your national identity, you nations of Europe, or else dissolve, like Belgium, in a sea of corruption and despair.” Our own John O’Sullivan says, “Consistently shocking…Mr. Belien tells the story of this slimy dynasty with great gusto. He lays out the bill of indictment very powerfully.”


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