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A Congressman Writes In


Joe Knollenberg, a Michigan Republican congressman, has been taking some flak for his vote against the bill to expand S-Chip. He writes in:

I voted to create the children’s health care program ten years ago. I support this program and want to see it extended so low-income kids can continue to receive health care coverage. But I cannot support the Democrats’ bill because it calls for $35 billion of new federal spending and expands the program to children from families earning as much as $80,000. This is a distortion of the true intention of the children’s health care program.

But this story gets worse. Speaker Pelosi’s health care bill lowers the standards for proving one’s citizenship. This will open the flood gates to identity theft, fraud, and make it possible for illegal immigrants to qualify for the expansion of taxpayer-provided health care. That’s just wrong and I can’t accept it.

I’m more taken with the arguments in NRO’s editorial on the subject, but I’m glad Knollenberg voted the right way.