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A last couple of emails on the Republic of Texas.   From one reader:

Several Hispanics died defending the Alamo along with the Anglos on 3/6/1836.

Some of the ones I know about are:
According to Enrique Esparza, who was 8 in 1836, when some were given the chance to leave his dad, José Gregorio Esparza, told Bowie “I will stay and die fighting”.  José was killed in the battle.
Carlos Espalier, 17, was a protégé of Bowie and was killed in the battle.
Antonio Fuentes was killed in the battle….
Andres Nava was killed in the battle.
Toribio Losoya was killed in the battle, his body was found in or near the Alamo chapel.

And from another:

The first Vice President of the Republic of Texas was Lorenzo de Zavala, who was instrumental in a number of the phases of the Texan Revolution, including writing the Texan Constitution.

That’s why public schools, a town and a county in Texas are all named after de Zavala.

People who think that Latinos are somehow a foreign intrusion into American society simply aren’t familiar with their roles in places like Texas, New Mexico, and Southern Colorado.  They aren’t grafted on — they are part of the roots themselves.


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