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Korean Conflict


Today, in “Raid Revelation,” I piece together press reports in an effort to connect the dots on what really happened when Israeli planes struck Syria on Sept. 6. I also link these press stories to the important and still too neglected opinion piece in last Saturday’s WSJ by Peter Hoekstra and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

In a new development, The Hill is reporting that John Bolton has been quietly lobbying Republicans to oppose the administration’s nuclear agreement with North Korea. This could have a lot to do with that opinion piece by Hoekstra and Ros-Lehtinen. Here are excerpts from The Hill (note the bit at the end about what could end up being an awfully interesting hearing this Thursday):

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is urging GOP lawmakers to oppose the Bush administration’s recent agreement with North Korea to end its nuclear programs, according to House Republican sources.

While Bolton’s skepticism of North Korea is well-known, this is believed to be the first time a former top adviser to the president has taken the unusual step of lobbying against a pillar of the administration’s current foreign policy….

Forty-two members attended the joint meeting where Bolton reiterated his longstanding position that trusting North Korea to abide by its promises is the wrong approach, according to a GOP aide who attended. He also spoke about North Korea’s role in Syria’s nuclear ambitions and encouraged members to review controversial testimony he gave to the Foreign Affairs Committee in September 2003 that figured into his contentious Senate confirmation battle.

Some House Republican lawmakers share Bolton’s view, but members and staff who attended the meetings with Bolton were wary about opposing the Bush administration publicly, and most contacted for this article declined to comment about the meeting’s contents….

He is particularly critical of Bush in his new book, Surrender is Not an Option, which will hit bookshelves in early November. In the book, Bolton argues Bush has caved to State Department pressure and has changed his once strong stance on North Korea….

“Our historical experience tells us that North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons voluntarily, and that it is only a matter of time before their cheating is exposed, at which point one hopes that Bush will repudiate this charade that the Risen Bureaucracy has perpetuated,” he wrote….

President Bush has hailed the agreement as a major diplomatic victory, and Ambassador Christopher Hill, the assistant secretary of state of the bureau of East Asian and Pacific affairs, has spent the month meeting individually with members to tout the agreement according to House GOP sources.

Hill is scheduled to testify Thursday at a Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing titled, “The Six Party Process: Progress and Perils in North Korea’s Denuclearization.”


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