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...Then We’re in Trouble


To follow up on Stanley Kurtz’s great piece on the Israeli raid on something-or-other in Syria, there’s a fascinating comment in Power Line by one of my favorite men, William Katz. He’s seen his share of crises, both in government and in tv, and his take is well worth your attention:

One of the key people goading the Kennedy administration into stiffer action on Cuba was Senator Kenneth Keating of New York. I was in the CIA at the
time, and it was widely believed that Keating had a conduit feeding him leaks about Soviet missile shipments to Cuba. That conduit may have been the CIA’s director, John McCone, who was the only Administration official who’d correctly predicted that the USSR would place offensive missiles on the island.

It appears that Pete Hoekstra and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are playing the Kenneth Keating role. It’s almost a remake, for they’re doing the same things Keating did. I wonder if they, too, have a special source of information. The question becomes more pressing as we realize there’s a
split in the Government between the Bush 41/Gates-Rice mindset and the Bush 43/Dick Cheney mindset.

The Cuban Missile Crisis erupted because Khruschev believed Kennedy could be rolled. I fear that our enemies may start to think that PresidentBush, under bad influence, or a new president, can also be rolled. Then we’re in trouble.

As I’ve been saying for a very long time, there’s plenty of evidence that our enemies believe precisely that (hell, lots of us do too).


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